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A major drawback of playing golf at night is that it is virtually impossible to see. As a result, golf balls perform differently than they do during the day. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time playing golf at night. Bugs aren’t the only problem if you’re planning on playing in the dark. Glow in the dark tape and R&L glow tees can help you to keep yourself and your golf ball safe.

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R&L Glow tees

You may have heard about glow in the dark golf balls but have never seen them. While they look like regular golf balls, they are actually made from a material with double-layered fluorescent layers. They are brighter than normal golf balls and last longer than regular balls. In case you’re worried about teeing off at night, don’t worry — glow golf balls are rechargeable by sunlight.

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The manufacturer claims that R&L Glow tee balls are safe to play with a driver or a woods. They do recommend that players play safely with other balls because non-premium ones can make the ball bounce and rip your clubs apart. A flashlight is included in the ball packs and is a great idea for night golf. However, you should still make sure to keep a flashlight nearby.

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In case you’ve ever played golf at night, you know how dangerous it is. You’d probably get lost trying to find the ball if you weren’t wearing R&L Glow tees, but your golf balls will be glowing in the dark! Moreover, R&L Glow tees also make golf a safer game for players and spectators.

Besides glow tees, there are other accessories available. You can buy glow necklaces, light up armbands and bracelets. There are other accessories that will make your golf game more exciting at night. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t join in a Glow in the Dark Golf Tournament. You can play golf at night with friends and family.

Worst nightmare of a golfer

In golf, every shot plays a part in the strategy to reach the green. Often times, golfers experience the worst nightmare when they can’t prepare for their shot, like when Lizette Salas faced fog before teeing off in the LPGA Bank of Hope Founders Cup, 2021. For this reason, players are encouraged to practice before their next shot. And there’s no better way to test your preparation than by putting your shot into the center of your palm.

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